Video Shooting for Educational content


At makesense we believe that to solve the social and environmental issues of our time, everyone in society has a role to play. makesense exists to be the catalyst that allows each actor to have a positive impact. We release energy and support all actors in society so that collectively they solve the issues that matter to them.

makesense inspires citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations, trains them and engages them in an international community that builds and supports innovative solutions to our societal challenges. Through this community, we identify the most promising solutions that we accelerate through our incubators and facilitate collaborations to scale these solutions.

makesense is also an international team of more than 70 full-time staff based in France, Mexico, Senegal, Peru, Lebanon, India and the Philippines. We experiment on a daily basis with new organizational models that put responsibility, autonomy and benevolence at the heart of our interactions. Impact is the fuel of all our actions. We love to learn and share, everywhere and all the time. Like our community, all the challenges we identify turn into solutions built collectively!

What you will do

We are looking for a talented video shooter to record interviews and B-roll footage suitable for broadcasting and learning when assembled.

Ultimately, as a film/ video shooter, you should be able to capture sight as is and record sound without background noise.


This contract is valid over a period of 3 months (February - April)
Payment is based on deliverables regardless of timing, and deliverables must respect project timeline.


Bachelor’s Degree in Film, TV Broadcast Journalism, Communications, or a related field is preferred.


2 – 5 years working in a digital video production environment and/or a video journalism background. Adobe Premiere, and Photoshop experience highly desirable.

Contract type:

Freelancer on project-basis

What we are looking for

Video Shooting Requirement :

  • Review the video scripts and co-develop the call sheets in respect to the script, logistics, and availability of interviewees with the Education Project Manager
  • Provide the necessary camera equipment to shoot (camera, lenses, tripod, mics, SD cards, memory cards, media capture, etc.)
  • Able to operate standard digital video cameras and equipment. (DSLRs, Canon c100s, and Sony FS7s etc.)
  • Provide guidance for camera placement, frame, composition, and lighting from a technical and creative standpoint
  • Work within available resources for location and lighting
  • Comfortable with the language of interview being shot >> Spoken Arabic
  • To be able to move around lebanon depending on shooting location (around 30% of the time)
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal in both English and Arabic
  • An interest in social change, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. This will be the topic of film.
  • Self-motivated, must work well independently AND with management, have a keen eye for detail to ensure all our assets and deliverables are of the highest quality
  • Team player who thrives on collaboration and enjoys a fast-paced environment
  • Open-minded individual with flexible, open operating style, and a natural consultative approach who gains the trust and respect of individuals at all levels

Video Editor Responsibilities

  • Shoot the needed scenes so to provide solid and qualitative content for an aggregate of 60 minute educational film.
  • Collaborate with around 30 different film contributors to showcase voice and speech in the best way possible
  • Coordinates directly with the project manager and Co-direct the footage of this educational programme together
  • Troubleshoot technical problems calmly and quickly in high-pressure situations in a collaborative way
  • Proactively suggest change or recommendations to project manager when needed
  • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
  • Deliver footage at the end of each shoot
  • Your time flexibility is an added advantage

Recruitment Process



Who is the organization hiring?

makesense is an international NGO with headquarters in Paris and worldwide offices including Lebanon. Makesense is mostly characterized through our active community of citizens and social entrepreneurs who aim to accelerate positive change locally through social entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration. Our team in Lebanon are young, dynamic, and enjoy our fast-paced and continuous learning environment.

THE PROJECT: makesense is launching a programme to complement all its citizen mobilization and training programmes to involve more and more citizens through a free online programme inclusive of all Lebanese and educating on social entrepreneurship.

*Some videos references made by makesense that we are proud of: *
2017: (made by makesense volunteers)

*Requirements to apply *

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal, in English and Arabic
  • Basic understanding of what is a mooc and what is social entrepreneurship
  • Proven work experience as a video editor - please send us 3 to 5 videos of your edited work that show your credentials and highlights your editing skills. All applicants should submit links to videos they have worked on, with an explanation of their role in the production of each video.
  • The list of the equipment you can get at hand for the project.
  • Letter of interest (max 250 words) and answer this question: Why would you be the right fit to contribute to this project to drive social change in the community?
  • You can apply solo or in a group of two. If you are two, both CVs should be submitted. In the case we proceed with your application, everyone that aims to be involved in this project should be present at interview.
  • > And let us know if you have any questions at

Additional Information

  • Contract type: Freelance
  • Location: Beirut, Lebanon (1100)
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience Level: > 2 years
  • Possible remote work